Fil-British singer proud to be Pinay

Former Sugababes pop band member and Fil-British Mutya Buena is embarking on a solo singing career.

Born in England to an Irish mom and a Pinoy dad, her British twang doesn’t keep her from loving the adobo her father cooks for the family and celebrating Filipino Independence Day every June 12.

Nor does Mutya’s western upbringing prevent her from taking her Visayan grandmother’s hand, touching it lightly with her forehead and saying, “Mano Po!”

Unlike some people she grew up with, Mutya doesn’t call her elders by their first names. In fact, she addresses her relatives in Tagbilaran, Bohol as tito and tita.

Mention Itik-itik and she reacts, “Oh, the one where you move like a duck? Oh yes!”

Pandanggo sa Ilaw is where “you move with candlelights.” And tinikling is something Mutya learned as a little girl.

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