Top 4 diseases that can be prevented with vaccination

Good people, nice idea, and great advocacy. That’s how I would describe doctors-couple Denton Chua and Anne Marie Lagman-Chua, also known as the Immunizers. I met the young Dr. Denton through his father, the well-known St. Luke’s Medical Center cardiologist and painter Dr. William Chua. The elder Chua introduced me to Denton whom he described as teeming with ideas and ideals on how to help the country.

As early as 2003, Dr. Denton was aware of the outbreaks of SARS, bird flu, and meningococcemia. “How do we solve such a problem?” he thought. Enter the concept of the Immunizers, a medical team solely committed to perfecting everything about vaccination.

According to Dr. Denton, “A vaccine contains the weakened or dead microbes of a particular disease. This is then injected to an individual to stimulate his immune system to produce antibodies against the disease. Thus, when the real disease attacks, your body can now fight off the infection.”

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