New spirit and shift of vision

Today, Amado P. Macasaet, better known as “Jake” in the industry, will finally see a dream come true.

Ever since he acquired Malaya in 1986, it had been his dream to make Malaya a business newspaper. All his journalistic life, Jake has known only one beat, and that is the world of business.

And as the paper marks its 26th year today, he decided that it was time to have his dream fulfilled.

Malaya first saw the light of day in a remarkably different time. The country was then under a dictatorship, which made the paper’s job extremely difficult. We succeeded in spades in what we set out to do. The dictatorship was eventually overthrown.

With the restoration of democracy, the challenge shifted to reporting and understanding the complex dynamics of a society trying to join rapidly industrializing states. Those were the days when it was blithely assumed that an open, pluralist and democratic society would see an explosion of productive forces that would ensure the betterment of the lives of all.

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