Who’s the third party in Angel-Luis ‘LQ’?

• Barely three months after she broke up with Dingdong Dantes, Karylle has fully recovered from the heartbreak (thanks to the retreat she attended and the counseling she went through) but not from the showbiz “match-makers.” According to rumors, both Jericho Rosales and Christian Bautista are “planning” to court Karylle. Thanks but no thanks, “Karylle is not about to get seriously involved with anybody again,” said somebody close to her. Not so soon anyway.

•  When he was only modeling and about to join showbiz (via Big Brother’s house), a well-built actor had an intimate encounter with a sexy actress (who is currently on extended vacation with her folks in the US). He must have been so excited that he “got done” even before the actress could remove a piece of her clothes. He ended up saying “Sorry po, sorry po!” to the actress who nearly died laughing.

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