Thesis tips for cramming students

SO it’s your last semester in college. You’ve struggled through killer math exams, memorized names and dates for history quizzes, and embarrassed yourself in front of your crush when you goofed up during a class presentation. As a senior, you giggled at the neophytes applying for your org, and figured out the cheapest food spots in the campus.

Graduation is so near, you can almost taste it. Save for a few more weeks of classes, nothing can stand between you and your diploma—except for your thesis, that is.

The undergraduate thesis is an academic hurdle that countless students underestimate or take for granted. Many don’t graduate on time (or fail to graduate at all) because of it. If you still haven’t done at least 30 percent of your thesis as you read this, chances are, you might not be able to turn it in at all unless you take drastic action.

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