Piolo Pascual raves about Bukidnon

MANILA, Philippines—Piolo Pascual fell in love with Bukidnon while shooting his movie “Love Me Again” with Angel Locsin in the province. It is about two lovers whose romance is rudely interrupted by economic necessity.

“Ibang klase yung calmness na binigay sa akin ng Bukidnon,” said PJ. “Doon ko na-feel na you don’t need material things to enjoy life. Mountains, greens and lakes lang OK na.”

During the last few days of their shoot, PJ opted to sleep in the only house in the middle of the mountains. He then proceeded with a week-long fasting, which ends Jan. 15. Today happens to be his birthday.

PJ’s got it all but he likes to keep it simple. Ah! The incredible uniqueness of being Piolo Pascual![Read More...]

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