Seat Rentals for Start-ups in the Philippines

Business process outsourcing is one of the most lucrative and fastest growing industries in the Philippines. It is considered to be a strategic management option for companies to decrease the overhead start-up costs.  A major feature of it is seat leasing which gives start up businesses different options when it comes to business growth and development. Instead of shelling out a huge amount of money for operational purposes, a great option is to go for seat leasing. It doesn’t require a lot of capital to avail this kind of service when starting a business in the Philippines.

Seat leasing services usually gives businesses the lowest rates possible when it comes to operational expenses such as equipment for a minimal amount of employees.  Typically seat leasing includes a desk and chair, high-speed internet connection, power for workstation or laptop and common areas such as lunch room and conference room. There are also optional features such as computer and monitor, keyboard/ mouse and VOIP equipment. Seat leasing is a great option especially when setting up outsourcing if you have no experience in the BPO world.

Michael McCullough of ManilaOfficeSpace says, “most of our clients starting in Metro-Manila are now looking towards seat rentals as their prepared office space option.  We are providing our clients with options of either traditional desks or cubicle style in call center or BPO facilities.  These seat leasing options allow them to get up and running very quickly with little captial investment so they can focus on their core business”.

Makati and Ortigas are the most popular cities in the Philippines for seat rentals, as it is the preferred location for start-up BPOs.  It is a top choice for companies who want to have seat leasing because of the abundance of facilities and educated workforce.  Seat rentals have a lot of its advantages aside from the fact that it needs less overhead and operating costs. It can relieve you from traditional expenses that goes with establishing a company. Overall, the main point of seat leasing service is to help in the development of your start-up company.


The average cost for seat rentals is about $250 seat per month. This includes the equipment neccesary for operation process. However, some call centers and BPO offices in Manila may try to charge you the same $250 rates per 8 or 9 hour shift.  It is recommended to ensure that your contract state you have access to the seat for 24/7 regardless of your employees’s shift schedule.

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