Arroyo seeks Congress OK of 2009 budget

MANILA, Philippines — President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is seeking the commitment anew from Congress to work on the passage of the proposed 2009 budget when session opens this January, stressing the country needs the funds to stimulate the economy amid the global financial crunch, Speaker Prospero Nograles said Friday.

Nograles said the budget was the topic of his brief discussion with the President when she went to the House of Representatives Thursday to attend the necrological service for Antipolo Mayor Victor Sumulong.

“We did talk about the budget and I promised her that we will finish it by January 19 [opening of session],” Nograles said in a text message.

Arroyo stayed in the House for about 30 minutes and talked briefly to several lawmakers.

The 2009 proposed budget amounts to P1.4 trillion, 15 percent higher than the budget last year.

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