‘Primed’ Pacquiao, Hatton to give out electrifying match

The anticipated match up between boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and British superstar Ricky Hatton may prove to be one of the best fights to come in 2009 as both fighters are still in their prime.

Brad Cooney of 8CountNews.com said the currently-being negotiated match up between the two boxing superstars may actually live up to expectations and give fans a fight their money’s worth.

“Finally, it appears that this one may actually live up to the hype,” said Cooney in his recent article. 

He said most fans would like to see the clash because of the similar fighting styles of both boxers who are seen to be at the peak of their careers.

“At least we have two fighters that are primed and ready, and a style match up that should prove to make an exciting fight,” said Cooney.

He said Pacquiao-Hatton clash will come out as a welcome development for boxing scene which has seen “over-hyped” devoid of action.

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