This actor’s prime goal

MANILA, Philippines—‘I will never make a movie that merely titillates viewers. I want to be known for acting in meaningful films,” declared Jericho Rosales, lead actor in the historical/romantic film “Baler,” which won 10 awards at the Metro Manila Film Festival, including Best Picture.

Jericho portrays the role of a half-Filipino and half-Spanish soldier fighting for the Spanish flag. His character, Celso, falls in love with Feliza (Anne Curtis), daughter of a Filipino rebel leader (Phillip Salvador).

“Baler” features a much talked-about love scene between Jericho and Anne, a portion of which is included in the movie’s trailer. Mark Meily, the director, said it was the most difficult scene to shoot. “Before we did it, we prepared a story board for it, similar to what production people do for TV commercials,” Meily told Inquirer Entertainment during a media gathering. “We don’t want ‘Baler’ to look like a sex movie. That’s why we placed a lot of effort on such a short and intimate scene.”

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