Oprah and Ellen and Celine and Charice

We are in an ABS-CBN dressing room, waiting for Charice’s call to go on “Wowowee!,” where she will presently knock them dead with her new version of Gloria Gaynor’s disco chestnut “I Will Survive.”

Meanwhile, she takes advantage of a lull in the flurry of activities to have a late breakfast.

“I’m not fond of fancy food,” she says in Filipino, eating the spam and eggs—spamsilog, actually—out of a Tupperware container with her right hand encased in a clear plastic baggie.

Charice would rather eat with her fingers like any true-blooded Pinoy, but then she wouldn’t want to get any grease on her Macbook’s keypad, would she?

The silver laptop is powered on in front of the dresser, revealing a Garfield screensaver.

It’s more than just a prop.

Speaking mainly in Filipino, she explains: “When I get sleepy, I lose my voice. So I need games on my laptop to keep me awake. I love gadgets— cellphones, iPods, laptop—dati napapanood ko lang sila sa TV, ngayon nabibili ko na sila (I used to just see them on TV, but now I can afford to buy them).”

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