BPOs plan to hire more agents in ’09

Two-thirds of the business process outsourcing (BPO) companies in the Philippines plan to expand their workforces next year despite the global economic slowdown, as businesses in developed countries are expected to farm out some of their operations to cheaper locations, a recent survey showed.

The survey on the 2009 business prospects of the Philippine BPO industry, done in November with 190 respondents, showed the bulk of the growth would be in “non-voice” services, a departure from traditional call center services.

According to the survey results, 65 percent of BPOs expect to expand their workforces next year by a low of 16 percent to a high of 200 percent.

The more conservative respondents said they would either keep their existing workforces or limit expansion to 15 percent.

The results belie fears about a slowdown in the industry as overseas clients face tougher business environments in their home countries

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