David Pomeranz shares love for Pinoys

Multi-platinum and award winning international artist David Pomeranz shared that his Filipino audience and friends are the most important reason why he always comes back to the Philippines.

“People, people and the people. I made so many dear friends here over the years. This is why I look forward to coming here,” Pomeranz said.

The singer shared that if there’s one song that he would like to dedicate to all Filipinos it will be his hit “Born For You.”

“Born For You is the one, it’s the meaning of that. The fact that I feel incredibly lucky to be somebody from New York who’d never been to the Philippines and over the years became completely embraced by you and by the country and the lyric in ‘Born For’ You really says it that ‘they are running around the planet what’s the chance in heaven that we find each other’ also ‘Got to Believe in Magic’ has the same theme,” Pomeranz said.[Continue Reading...]

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