Sam Concepcion: Ambassador for children

Sam Concepcion is now World Vision’s Ambassador for Children. While juggling singing, acting and school, Sam has found another interest close to his heart — promoting education and a better life for children.

“I am thankful to World Vision for entrusting me with this title. It can become overwhelming, but it drives me to be better and strive harder. This ambassadorship is really a chance for me to bless others and do something socially relevant that can really change lives,” Sam shares.

Recently, Sam took time off his busy schedule to meet children assisted by World Vision in Cebu.

As soon as he got to Cebu, Sam and the World Vision team trekked up a mountainous road to meet children from a far-flung barangay in Sogod and the students at Pansoy Elementary School. He spent a whole day getting to know the villagers, listening to their stories and seeing their needs. Students had a wonderful time having their idol sing to them and share his own experiences as a kid.

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