RP 8th most searched destination in China

The Philippines has landed on the list of top 10 most-searched travel destinations among Shanghai online users of China’s leading search engine Baidu, according to a research done by Darwin Marketing.

Baidu comprises 72 percent of the Chinese online market, and is the third largest search engine in the world in December last year.

Google posted a 19 percent share in the same market, placing it at a distant second to Baidu

The Philippines is 8th among the top travel destinations, with Japan placing 1st; South Korea, 2nd; Thailand, 3rd; Singapore, 4th; Australia, 5th; Bali, 6th; Malaysia, 7th; North Korea, 9th; and France, 10th.

Tourism Secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano acknowledged the good news, saying, “On top of this report, we have several other developments in progress for China. It is a strong market which will augment the slowdown in other regions.”[Continue Reading...]

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