Is Nora waiting for her own himala?

If there is any single Filipino celebrity who has consistently yet unintentionally courted controversy through the decades and amazingly survived, it can only be Nora Aunor.

The history of Philippine cinema from the ‘70s to the present would be moribund and dull without her unpredictable and unique presence. If there is anyone, too, who has crossed intellectual and class barriers with such astonishing and irreproachable aplomb, again it would have to be her.

At the announcement that a rare footage dubbed Sa Likod ng Himala was up for screening at the UP Film Institute through its alliance with a group of Noranians, our interest was sparked that an august part of the academe could join hands with a fan club. Of course, this was in celebration of Himala winning the Best Asian Film of All Time on-line award of which Nora (Guy) was the star. Still, it was like marrying oil with water which once more this minute dark-skinned Filipino had made possible. We quickly accepted the invitation to attend the screening.

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