The mystery in Karylle’s smile

Just asking

A smile can mean  a thousand things. Karylle’s smile captured a lot of attention especially when asked regarding the pregnancy issue of Marian Rivera. This never ending issue Karylle ” Dingdong ” Marian “love triangle” still makes waves in local showbiz.

Karylle, on the Buzz was asked by Boy Abunda if Marian Rivera was pregnant. That smile of Karylle had a lot of meaning and accordingly should create a lot of speculations.

A lot has happened to Karylle these past weeks. With her recent transfer to the Kapamilya network and her singing the national anthem in Manny Pacquiao’s match with Oscar de la Hoya to performing in ASAP, the main rival of SOP, her former show in GMA. Truly this question would ring not only the bell in the boxing match but through her heart. Her smile would really create a lot of meanings to viewers and especially to the ones concerned with the issue. Speculations have been drawn really out of proportion.

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