Moymoy Palaboy in ‘bands’ grand finals

IT’S almost like a comical Cinderella story. Take two ordinary boys whose current rising career started as a mere trip-trip lang (doing it for a lark).

They memorized lyrics of any language, choreographed a spoof number for the whole song, going as far as dressing up like the artist who sang it and uploaded it to YouTube. It is the one venue on the Internet that makes any anonymous person instantly famous depending upon the impact of the talent or skill shown.

As far as their acts went, both boys displayed real comedian talent. So funny and witty were this duo’s spoof of songs that hits of what they uploaded actually shot up to as high as three million, making “Moymoy Palaboy” a household name in the Internet. Not surprisingly, this paved way for their break in showbiz, eventually landing them mainstay status at GMA’s gag show, Bubble Gang.

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