Jean Garcia finds a new love

MANILA — After she broke up with Polo Ravales, Jean Garcia is said to have found a new love in businessman Jojo Manlongat, who has had other actress-girlfriends before, notably Sunshine Dizon and Angelu de Leon. Of course, Jean will deny this, like the way she denied Polo before, but just last week, she was seen canoodling with Jojo at the Embassy Bar in the Fort.

Jean and daughter Jennica are both in the cast of “Shake, Rattle & Roll X” but they don’t get to act together as they belong to different episodes. Jean plays an avenging ghost in the “Class Picture” episode, while Jennica is with Marian Rivera in the “Nieves” episode about engkanto. Jean, Jennica, Polo and Krissa Mae Arietta (said to be Polo’s new squeeze) are all in GMA-7’s hit show, “Gagambino,” and it’s reported that Jean and Jennica give a cold shoulder to Polo and Krissa Mae during their tapings, but Jennica denies this.

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