Piolo Pascual on Angel Locsin: ‘We’ve become more comfortable’

After the successful US premiere of his newest Star Cinema movie “Love Me Again: Land Down Under”, Piolo Pascual shares how the Pinoy audiences abroad reacted to his first movie outing with leading lady Angel Locsin.

“We had a screening last week in LA (Los Angeles) and Frisco (San Francisco). Both screenings were well-attended naman. It was fun to have a premiere in the States. It was also our first time that we got to watch the film also. Mas active yung tao kasi they were excited. They were reacting in every scene. They were just screaming and crying at the same time so it was fun. We had a blast,” he recalls.

After their teleserye Lobo ended earlier this year, Piolo says he has looked forward to doing another project with Angel. [Continue Reading...]

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