Filipino Teacher Turned Hotelier

How many Pinoy teachers do you think are there now in Thailand? Some say around 8,000. Others have said, probably 30,000. Judging from the number of Pinoys who make visa runs to Laos or to AranyaPrathet everyday, or the number of Pinoys you see who attend mass in churches in Bangkok alone every Sunday, probably even more. With this growing number of Pinoy teachers coming to Thailand, one would wonder, β€œIs life THAT good in Thailand?” Well, though that remains to be seen for the hundreds who have come these past few years, it has been great for at least one Pinay who started out the same way as most Pinoys who venture out here in Thailand. She too, came and started teaching when she first came to Bangkok. The big difference, however, is that now, she owns an 8-story hotel in Bangkok, and just recently opened another 8-story resort hotel right in the middle of tourist paradise in the Eastern seaboard – the city of Pattaya.

Zeny, as many of her friends call her, came to Bangkok more than 30 years ago, with her Thai husband whom she met while she was in school in the Philippines. After marriage, they lived in Baguio, where they were blessed with their eldest son.

Her first months in Bangkok with her husband and son were very hard. Communicating with her in-laws was a nightmare because of the language barrier. When her in-laws were speaking, she thought they were shouting at her, and in turn, when she spoke, they thought she was yelling at them. After six months, she was ready to pack up her bags, never to come back. But the thought of her son propelled her back to this land of smiles, and with much hard work, patience and sacrifices, she has carved her own place in the kingdom. [Continue Reading...]

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