CHICAGO – Some Filipino Americans described Monday (Dec. 1) the nomination of Sen. Hillary Clinton as U.S. Secretary of State as President-elect Barrack Obama’s “consistent appreciation of her public service record” and “is more than a match for Condy Rice and Collin Powell,” her two predecessors.

Greg Macabenta, chair of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, said, “I think Obama made a good choice of her as Secretary of State.”

Mr. Macabenta, the San Francisco, California-based leader of the biggest Filipino American organization, described the New York senator as having a “unique – very unique – combination of having been the First Lady of a president who maintained excellent relations with America’s allies and trading partners, and of being Senator of a state which has had the most active involvement in foreign affairs and international trade. She certainly is more than a match for Condy Rice and Collin Powell.” [Continue Reading...]

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