A musical tribute to a beloved President

Cory The Musical is a tribute to one of the Philippines’ most beloved Presidents. It is about the life of Cory Aquino — as wife, mother, Filipino citizen, and hero. The musical traces Cory’s happy moments as Ninoy’s wife and mother to five children, her adjustments to the rough-and-tumble world of Ninoy’s politics, her suffering under the Marcos dictatorship, her trials upon Ninoy’s martyrdom, her dilemmas as de facto leader of the opposition against Marcos and eventually as President of the Philippines.

This is history performed by accomplished singers and thespians — Isay Alvarez (as Cory), Sherwin Sozon (as Ninoy), Robert Seña (as Ferdinand Marcos), Pinky Marquez (as Imelda Marcos), Tommy Abuel (as the reporter), Sheila Parducho, Lou Veloso, Andy Bais, and Rito Asilo. Nestor Torre directs the musical. Lourdes “Bing” Pimentel is the musical’s composer and producer.

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