Report of cheating hurts Pinoy nurses in Norway

OSLO, Norway – Members of the first batch of Filipino nurses in the Norwegian capital who took the drug administration test in 2002 deplored the charges leveled against them that they cheated to pass the examination.

They also challenged their accuser to come out in the open and identify himself.

“The charges have greatly affected our reputation which we have difficulty in building because of racial discrimination,” one nurse said. She noted that local patients now shun black-haired nurses.

The nurses met at the Philippine Embassy in Oslo on Friday to plan how to counter the damage brought about by the allegations and redeem their tainted reputation.

“We Filipino nurses are highly regarded here. It was very unfortunate that this issue came out,” Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) president Cynthia Baluyot said. She called on her fellow nurses to continue dispensing their duties diligently and prove that they are competent and efficient workers.

In a story published in a local Norwegian paper recently, a certain “Romeo” approached the paper and reported that Rizalina Galiza Jenssen, general manager and owner of ASOR recruitment agency, was allegedly responsible in the cheating….

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