Senate declares war vs House on con-ass

Crossing party lines, senators unanimously signed a resolution yesterday declaring their opposition to House initiatives for Charter change through a constituent assembly (con-ass) without the participation of the Senate.

“This is the first time in my seven years in the Senate that a resolution carried the signatures of all senators,” Sen. Francis Pangilinan, author of Senate Resolution 811, said.

He called the filing of the resolution an “all-out war against unconstitutional maneuvers.”

“We are defending the Constitution and the resolution is a solid wall versus Cha-cha proponents,” he told The STAR.

“This sends the strongest message yet that the Senate stands united against attempts by allies of the President in the Lower House to subvert the Constitution for dubious ends,” Pangilinan said.

“The Senate as an institution has spoken. To borrow the words of the Supreme Court, we will not tolerate this gigantic fraud being foisted on the people by desperate individuals in the House,”’ Pangilinan said. [Continue Reading...]

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