Pinoys in Austria take advantage of pre-Christmas sales

Filipinos are trooping to shops and superstores to take advantage of the pre-Christmas sales offered by many establishments in Austria.

“Kaunti na nga lang ang natitira sa sahod dahil medyo malaki din ang naipadala ngayong Pasko sa aking mga kapamilya sa Pilipinas. Pero kailangan din makabili ng kahit Angebot (special offer) lang for me and my family here,” hotel worker Rudy Templo told ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau.

Preliminary figures issued by the Austrian Federal Economy Chamber said Austrians are disregarding the present financial crisis thus hitting the shops and superstores for the pre-Christmas sales.

“There are many people underway who are buying a lot. It is noticeable in the streets and the shops. Our data showed there was a trend of rising turnover and increasing sales,” an officer of the Austrian Federal Economy Chamber said….

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