Glamorous hair makes a comeback in 2009


Given the current global economic meltdown, it’s no wonder that a predominant theme among the glitzy international catwalks this year is the longer, more sophisticated hemline. Adopting a woman’s hemline as an accurate financial indicator may seem quite absurd, but not according to US economist George Taylor, who cleverly coined the theory of the hemline index during the Great Depression. Simply put, the shorter the skirt, the stronger the economy.

With a shift in the silhouette comes a re-evaluation of the hair. Riding on the premise of Taylor’s theory, history shows that hard economic times raise a need for positive affirmation from other aspects of life. Thus, people have once again turned to the allure of fashion and the cinema, latching on to the make-believe world where everything is beautiful and sad endings are rare. In this light, glamorous hairstyles are making a huge comeback in 2009.

Andrew Barton, voted British Hairdresser of the Year and creator of the new Sunsilk Style collection, believes that for any woman, the perfect hairstyle can immediately uplift the mind and spirit. “Good hair can totally give a woman increased confidence. The right style can make a woman look younger, taller, slimmer; completely alter her self-esteem and attitude to life and the challenges she faces that week, that day, that moment,” says Andrew. [Continue Reading...]

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