G1: Call it the Betty la Fea phone

Manila Bulletin technology editor Art Samaniego calls it the “Betty la Fea of the mobile phone industry.”

In an interview on ANC’s Tech Talk, Samaniego said the new T-Mobile G1 could be likened to the fictional character Betty la Fea because “it looks ugly but what’s really important is what’s inside.”

The description, of course, is remarkably apt. At first glance, the G1 loses pogi points for lack of design originality especially when placed side-by-side to the more futuristic-looking Apple iPhone. It also loses points for functionality because the phone’s “chin” or the bottom part of the handset actually hampers the right hand of the user when typing on the sliding QWERTY keyboard.

“HTC or Google could have raised the bar by making a prettier phone but they failed to grab the opportunity,” says Samaniego.

Samaniego, however, points out that what the G1 loses in beauty, it more than makes up for in ease of use….

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