Body Talk with Allessandra de Rossi


All some people ask from Santa Claus is their two front teeth.

Alessandra de Rossi has all her teeth intact. Perfect! So you wonder, what does she wish for this Christmas?

“A boyfriend!” exclaimed Alex in her characteristic brutally-frank style. “Ang tagal ko nang wala! Hahahahaha!”

Is she kidding?

“No, I’m not! Hoy, kayo dyan. Nandito lang ako, ha!”

Don’t take her seriously, though. A girl as beautiful as she is shouldn’t be having a barren love life. She’s “loveless” by choice, enjoying her single-blessedness after she broke up with Jeremy Marquez months and months ago.

What occupies her is work. In her latest movie, One Night Only, Canary Films’ entry in the 2008 Metro Filmfest, Alex plays a probinsyana seduced into a “one-night stand” by Paolo Contis, playing an actor. Directed by Joey Javier Reyes from his own story and screenplay, One Night Only also stars Katrina Halili, Valerie Concepcion, Jennylyn Mercado and Diana Zubiri. Everything happens in one night at a motel, with each girl having her own story. The “one night only” takes place at the same time, though the five girls don’t know one another and they cross paths only in the end when they and their respective partners are done with “it.” In January next year, she will start work on the soap Tayong Dalawa for ABS-CBN. [Continue Reading...]

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