Putting your town in the web BayanNatin.net boosts tourism, promotes local businesses

Currimao in Ilocos Norte is a fifth-class municipality. It may lag behind other towns in terms of development, infrastructure, or telecommunications but its tourism potentials are enormous. Its beach resorts are now attracting tourists all over Asia. With the boom in tourism arrivals, the demand for other tourism-related services increases. There is a need for more restaurants, spas, bus tour operators, etc, to serve the demands of both local and foreign tourists.

Aside from the natural resources, other towns are known for its local industries. San Miguel in Bulacan is one of them since this is a town known for its pastillas de leche and sweets. On the other hand, there are towns known for the leisure activities that it can host. An example is Guiuan Island in Eastern Samar, a third-class municipality that is touted as the country’s “next surfing capital.” [Continue Reading...]

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