Oyo admits relationship with Kristine

MANILA — OYO Sotto used to be with GMA-7 starring in TAPE’s afternoon soaps, then ABS-CBN got him and he got a number of shows for a while. But since none of them really rated that high (like “May Minamahal,” “Pedro Penduko and Engkantao,” and “Prinsesa ng Banyera”), the interest of ABS-CBN in him quickly dwindled and he has not been visible for six months now. No wonder he quickly accepted the offer of TV 5 to replace Paolo Contis as the lead in “Midnight DJ,” now to be seen every Saturday.

“It’s nice to be working again,” he says. “Bukod dito, kasama rin ako sa ‘Iskul Bukol, 20 Years After,’ na entry ng Tito, Vic and Joey sa Metro filmfest.”

How’s his relationship with Kristine Hermosa?

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