Manila’s best-kept beauty secret


There’s a new beauty salon in town called Shunji Matsuo that is so good yet so secret, only a few discerning people know about it.

Who knows about it? Well, there is Imee Marcos, for one, a regular in this Japanese salon chain that is so established in Singapore where Imee lived for years before finally settling back home. Then there are the salon’s current patrons — career women, socialites and young people (including fashion models and DJs) who realize that the beauty business is one of the fields that the Japanese seriously excel in.

Shunji Matsuo is the celebrated Japanese hairstylist from Osaka who found fame in New York hairstyling for personalities like Michelle Pfeiffer, Christie Brinkley, Uma Thurman and Madonna, and doing shoots for Versace, Dior, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. His mentor was the iconic Suga Yusuke, better known as Jackie Kennedy’s hairdresser, and a sensation in New York’s ’70s and ’80s celebrity scene. [Continue Reading...]

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