Luis Manzano to appear in gay film

Luis Manzano has accepted the gay son role in the Vilma San­tos and John Lloyd starrer about a gay relationship under Star Cin­ema. Manzano is excited to do the role which he finds the most chal­lenging in his entertainment ca­reer. It’s clear he decided to put aside the Viva Films project “I Love You, Lucky” which should have starred him with his mother Vilma for the first time.

Luis Manzano

The consideration his mom is talking about for accepting the role is not having to kiss John Lloyd in the full-length feature which his role requires. His mind‑ set is that he does not want John Lloyd to be his second screen kiss after Anne Curtis. But director Olive Lamasan said she’ll study this limitation seriously as the no-smooching rule will make the intimacy of their relationship unrealistic. The shoot of the Manila scenes has been moved from November to December this year.

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