26 Washington-based RP youths honored with Rizal awards

MANILA, Dec. 10 — Twenty-six Filipino youths based in Metro Washington in the District of Columbia (DC) were recently presented the “Dr. Jose Rizal Youth Awards” by the Philippine Foundation for Charities in D.C. for their outstanding academic achievements, the Department of Foreign Affairs said.

The awardees were Faustinray and Gabrielle Abogadie, Katherine, Kayla and Kevin Argente, Joseph Chavez, Michael Datiles, Cecilia, Emilio and Margarita Esteban, Nariella, Natalia and Nicollete Fernandez, Jacqueline Loberiza, Christine Lorica, Tatiana Lozano, Nicholas, Theodore and William Mendez, Kelvin Moncera, Nikko Nolasco, Mark Ramada, Alfred and Krizia Udquim and Anthony Venida.

The project was started by the Foundation in 1993, in collaboration with the Philippine embassy in Washington.

December is observed as Rizal Month, in honor of the country’s national hero who was executed by musketry on December 30 during Spanish colonial rule of the Philippines….

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