A Perfect Fit

INNOVATION has been said to be the main motivation of most collaborations because it offers two brands, usually of opposing disciplines, the ideal opportunity to explore the possibilities of each other’s expertise, possibly to bring about a totally new brand that translates into a happy payday for both.

From cosmetic companies, sport equipment, hoteliers and fashion brands, co-branding is the go-to marketing strategy of bringing something fresh to the table. Nowhere is this more visually evident then in the field of design, because at the heart of the most successful of these collaborations is the ideal balance of creative freedom and financial security.

Finding the right collaborator is a lot like going to one’s first dance. Hardly anyone gets it right the first time around. Collezione C2, spawned eight years ago by 36-year-old clothing manufacturer Collezione, was created to target a younger market. Under managing director Joey Qua, C2 finally settled on veteran fashion designer, 44-year-old Rhett Eala in 2006. [Read more]

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